CTB (Coal Token Bullish)

Supported by coal mine assets

"Innovative Multipurpose Currency"

CTB (CoalToken Bullish) is an innovative multi-purpose coin supported by coal mine assets.

Multi-purpose coin

Provide investors with greater rights, protection and expectations.

Coal mining asset support

This means that the value of CTB should not be lower than the spot price of coal. According to the monthly K-line analysis of thermal coal futures prices, coal prices will show an upward trend in the next five years.

Investor confidence and transparency

Investors can make informed decisions based on a large number of publicly available reports and assessments. In addition, CTB will be supported by coal produced by mining companies listed in countries such as Canada and the United States.

Investment flexibility

CTB is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and is compliant with ERC20 technology and security standards, and CTB holders can trade on secondary exchanges.

“Elements with mineral concessions”

The CTB (CoalToken Bullish) team will hold a concession for the Longtan Xijing Coal Mine project to secure a fixed coal production in the future.

At the same time, the CTB team will receive a portion of the subscription money that will be used to extend the life of the coal mine concession to secure CTB underwriting with coal support.


Wide area of mining area

The Longtan West Coal Mine is located in the west of Zhungeer Coalfield in Inner Mongolia. It is under the administrative authority of Changtan Township, Zhungeer Banner, Erdos City, Inner Mongolia. The mining area is 8.94 kilometers long from east to west, 2.31 kilometers wide from north to south, and the area is 20.65 square kilometers.


Rich in coal reserves

The total resources of the Longtan West Mining Area in the scope of exploration rights (20.65 square kilometers) are 6.0279 billion tons. The coal-bearing strata in this mining area are Carboniferous, Permian Taiyuan Formation and Shanxi Formation. The main recoverable 6th and 9th coal seams (group) are thick


Wide area of mining area

As assessed by Shanxi Yugong Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., as of December 31, 2017, Forest Resources Management (the issuer) indirectly controlled the mining rights evaluation value of 1,832,357,800 yuan.

"Metal Flow Financing"

CTB (CoalToken bullish) is a further development of the metal flow model.

A. The commodity used for the flow is coal;

B. Metal streaming is used in the production of verifiable mining assets, the proceeds can be used for any purpose, and can even be used to reduce debt.

C. Under this model, the financing terms usually do not allow the buyer to control the operational decisions of the mine, nor do they require the mining company to commit to meeting any ongoing financial return ratios;

D. In the field of metallurgical financing, some of the world’s largest mining companies have acquired cash flows from existing production assets to handle high leverage, stock pledges and credit markets, with up to $500 million in prepaid deposits.

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